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About Celebrity Nude Fakes

Welcome to the only affiliate program for fake nude celebrity pictures! If you can't generate record amounts of sales with our extremely attractive promo tools then get out of the biz! We are a new age celebrity exploitation site packed with all of the newest celebrity sex scandals, fake pics, videos, wallpapers, and more that the net has to offer.


-What are conversion ratios like?
Current conversion ratios are averaging 1:380 across all incoming traffic, that is 1 membership sale for every 380 clicks in. This niche sells itself! Conversions are best when linked using a celebrity based website.

-How do I know you are not skimming sales?
This is an important topic and unfortunately many sponsors will skim their affiliate's sales. We guarantee we will never skim a single sale from any affiliate (it is not possible for us to), and it is obvious once you see how easy it is to generate sales and how amazingly well our rebills are. We simply believe that affiliates should be paid what they have earned. If you load one of your link codes in a browser, surf to the join page, view the source of the join page, and search for verotel_resellerid you will find your Verotel ID number right there inside the form. After clicking through to the ticketsclub page, view the source of that page and search for fldresellerid, you will again find your Verotel ID there also.

-When do the trial accounts rebill?
All trial memberships will rebill automatically when the time comes for them to expire. If one of your sales sign up for a 7 day trial, it will automatically rebill at $29.99 7 days after the sign up date and continue rebilling each month. So you will receive commission on the $5.99 trial, the $29.99 rebill 7 days later, and every following month as well. After a while this begins to add up a LOT and you could still be receiving checks every week for months or years even if you are no longer generating new sales!